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You already recognize your child's great potential. We're here to help you cultivate that greatness and develop life-long talent that you both can be proud of. Let's jump on a call and plan!

Discovery Call

15-30 minutes where we discuss where you are with your child, what you can expect with a clarity call and/or coaching services.


  • Does your child have talent/interest they're showing interested in?
  • Are you willing to use your child's time and curriculum to help your child develop a focus (with our help)?

Everything offered in the Customized Clarity Call plus ongoing support to help you and your child reach actionable goals. 




  • 60 Minute Call + Video from Clarity Call
  • 2 Monthly Calls (60 min each)
  • Unlimited Voxer Support
  • Complete Action Plan for your child that includes integrating school curriculum, talent building activities, and a value-adding activity
  • 30 minute call with your child (for clarity, motivation, accountability)
  • Monthly Value Check (how is your child bringing value to someone this month?)