You're probably already familiar with our system of starting your 12 to 16 year old kids with an interest and developing it into a marketable talent by the time they're 18 years old.  We did this with our kids and they were able to earn an income by the time they left our home at around age 18. (Without debt or college.)

How? First, we started them early (ages 12-14) and second, we had them blog about their talent. You can now purchase the Blog to Your Talent course. 

We captured a short conversation in video below with our then almost 12 year old son Nicholas who started blogging about his talent over a decade ago and went on to create a programming career for himself that he loves. As now himself a young adult, he is proof that blogging in your teens can help create that ideal career for yourself even while still in high school!

Why blog?

Kids learn to write about something that captures their interest... and their writing gets better and better. They learn to be relevant in what they're learning. They're building a portfolio. They're discovering that the process of trying to find answers is documented and they see the progress they're making.

Long-term, they'll be able to prove to that they are truly good at a particular skillset. 


Get a peek of our Blog-to-Your-Talent e-course:

Four of the videos below were created years ago, when we taught our kids how to blog. Blogging opened up the doors of communication almost immediately, to give our kids access to experts in their field of interest.

Do you know what DOESN'T give a young person this kind of fast leverage?  Writing term papers like they're taught to do in school.

Blogging, when used with a purpose as explained in this course, is far more powerful, organic, and will cost you almost zero dollars.

We taught our own kids to blog, and created videos along the way. As you'll see in these videos,  we were in the the throes of pushing the boundaries of meaningful education for our own children.

You can hear and see that we were full of hope that we were onto something while our children were still in their early teens. 

Years later, as our children turned into young adults pursuing their careers, we can prove that blogging was the best choice. Now our younger batch of teens still living in our household are following the same proven process.

I hope that you will experience that same sense of joy, openness, and wonderment as you in turn get to watch your teens blog their way to their own unique talent.

We're about to unveil those videos so that your teen can take the interest they've identified and began to develop, and blog their way into full-blown, marketable talent with this interest. Watch a few here, and then sign up to get notified when our course goes LIVE. 

Below are four sample lessons (out of 40!) that are included in our upcoming online course "Blog to Your Talent". 

We designed these short videos for the teenager who is eager to make sense of the power of blogging in creating a beautiful talent. 

Every lesson is an homage to the power of each young person truly having a voice of their own that is worth discovering and showcasing to the world.

Are you chomping at the bit to set up an easy blog?

Go ahead and do what we did... we recommend starting simple and we've created a video that walks you through it. 

STEP ONE: Start with a Hosting Service

The first thing you need for your teen to start blogging is to open an account with a blog hosting service.

This online service is where your teen's blog will first get created and which will host all the many posts he will be writing for the world to see.

In case you don't already use a blogging service, I recommend you focus on finding one that is easy and clutter free for young teens to navigate.

Watch me outline my own favorite hosting service that I have used now for years for each one of my children when they first started documenting their talent journey. The favorite service I use is

Here's step-by-step how to open a brand new account for your family: