How and Why We Developed Our Children’s Talent

It’s Renee jumping in to tell you about a recent podcast I was featured on.

In this interview, I tell Molly how we started building talent in our children, why we decided their education would look different than the average, and the events that triggered the change.

Listen to the conversation here.

Molly is your mentor and ally at where she helps parents navigate the path of the hero journey for your child and family.

Molly and Renee discuss:

At minute:
5:05 Frustrations in the workplace triggered our decision to make sure our kids have a promising future that they love by the time they leave our home.

6:32 At age 12 is the time when kids need to start developing talent. I talk about what we did with our firstborn son, using photography and music.

9:07 What that son is doing now as a career at age 23 and the journey he took to get where he is today.

10:12 The hard lessons our son had to learn as part of his journey.

11:01 The merging of curriculum to support and feed his talent.

11:38 The most important lesson you can learn from the process of guiding a child to build talent.

13:14 Why talent-building resolves potential negative peer pressure that the average kid deals with in school.

14:30 Why changing talents is not a bad thing.

15:55 How your children can fund their own talents.

16:40 Why your children need to track and publicize their talents.

17:15 Molly summarizes Renee’s words as to what the expectations are on the child when he/she is building talent.

18:50 How our 15-year-old developed a podcast editing business when he started at age 12 “doing funny voices.”

19:35 How to involve your children’s talents to add value to the family.

20:10 How the same 15-year-old uses his talent to create just the right atmosphere for our local dinner parties.

22:00 What happens to your child when they bring value to the family? Side benefits!

23:30 What happens if you have multiple kids with multiple talents and how do you fit it all in?

25:00 What happens if a child can’t nail his talent or he wants to keep changing it?

26:00 The importance of keeping a portfolio.

27:35 The importance of finding a mentor for your child.

31:00 The Hero’s Journey – how it applies to YOU and your child individually.

I highly encourage you to listen to this one with your spouse!
-Renee Harris


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