Interview with Maggie Graham

A mom with many teenagers under her roof wants to know in detail how parents can develop long-term talent and passion with their children, without losing total control over their daily school obligations.

Listen in to this lively discussion where we give you the inside scoop.

Watch our full interview with Maggie Graham below:


2:00 How Sherlock Holmes told me it was time to change up our strategy

5:20 How you can hijack your curriculum to make it serve you

10:21 What we did with our oldest to get him started at age 12

18:24 How making his first dollar will tell him where to go next

25:02 Maggie asks, “How do you handle your teen going to places you don’t want them to go? … How did you handle the navigating of everyone following their own interests?”

28:06 Tips for using your surroundings and assets to get started

39:16 Gain traction by adding one skill at a time

54:18 Where to go to get more ideas


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