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Do you have a daughter who is 15-years-old or older, with a budding passion or talent?

You need to start your daughter blogging, and there’s no better time than the present to get her started.

I’m very excited to let you know of a one-stop eCourse called Launch Christian Blog: How to Blog for the Glory of God! by Elaine Rau from Lady Boss Bloggers. Find this and all of Elaine’s other blogging tools here:


LadyBossBlogger has helped thousands of women…get the RESULTS they have been yearning for in terms of launching, growing, and monetizing their blog. A common phrase they see in their reviews is “I wish I would have taken this course sooner…it would have saved me so much TIME AND FRUSTRATION from trying to figure it out on my own.”

If you’re looking for a straight-forward, no fluff, direct guide to launching your daughter’s talent, or passion….and obtaining her first few readers… and making her first blog dollars, you’re going to be getting access to the right course. They have 500+ five-star reviews from happy customers across the world.

This course is designed for adult women but is very accessible to the motivated older teenager. The serious daughter is going to appreciate the no “talking down” tone of this eCourse.

(This also means if your child is under 15, this is probably not the right course.)


Real blogging is the antidote to the amorphous “schoolee” voice that your daughter might be slowly developing as a result of years of textbook-style writing. 

Is your daughter producing school papers that sound anonymous?

Does your daughter’s writing come across as listless and without passion?

Are you worried that your daughter does not really even care about what she is writing?

Having her blog about her specific interest and talent will remove that worry. You’ll be giving purpose to her passion

Blogging means she will learn how to develop a specific voice that is appealing and attractive to others.

As far as she is concerned, when she is writing on typical school subjects, anywhere her voice happens to fall on that vast ocean of millions of other swirling student essays, it is all the same in the end.  It all sinks to the bottom and disappears from memory.

(Sometimes as a parent, you secretly admit that you too have a hard time hearing her voice.)

Her personality, the reflection of her identity in her traditional school writing is so muted that it is hard to pay attention to what she has written.

But there is an easy solution.

Have her start writing about her talent.

She will no longer sound anonymous.

Do you want your daughter to learn how to write efficiently, in batches of great ideas?

Blogging to the rescue.

I’ve argued that blogging was one of the fundamental ways for your child to be able to showcase her growing interest and talent to the world.

One benefit of your daughter blogging about her talent development is that this public journaling will cause her to develop and stand out with her unique voice.

Let’s take this talent as an example: your teen daughter has a personal interest in dance and can’t seem to get enough hours after school to fit in all the ballet and hip-hop she wants.

With a blog, every day that she documents this one success, that one issue, this one humorous observation related to her interest in dance is that one day more to reaching an attractive, mature, personable, and confident style of communication.

Because her subject entrances her, she will always want to be even better understood, more precise, and still more interesting than she was last time she wrote about it.

This inner motivation to talk about the interest she loves will drive her to develop a unique voice naturally.

With consistent blogging, she will have a voice that is both beautiful and intelligent.

Caution: while there is a place for writing mechanics, you should not allow it to be more important than writing for a purpose. (Indulge in mechanical writing, but only in moderation, please!)

Does your child already have a blog where she writes about an interest regularly?

Is she ready to take it from kiddie-blog to a blog level that can follow her into her young adult years, maybe even monetizing aspects of it?

Then get in on this eCourse and check out the other tools that LadyBossBlogger has in her toolbox.

Find them here:

Your daughter’s blogging eCourse will outline:

Passion vs. Purpose
• Passion is what you do, and purpose is why you do it.
• Passion is about your own interest, and purpose is about other people’s interests.
• When you use your passion in the service of others, it becomes your purpose.
• Consider your hobbies, talents, AND skills.

Ready to get started? Click Here:

To get your daughter started blogging about her talent or passion, we highly recommend LadyBossBlogger's resources.
Click to get your daughter started on her blog today!


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