Interview with Rocky Lalvani

I’m back with another enlightening interview.

Listen to this father share with me how his teenage son hi-jacked his schooling to create a strong portfolio for a college STEM degree.

This family’s answer to fanning extreme motivation in their son was through robotics team competitions and picking and choosing courses that fit his long-term goals.

This son originally started off his teenage academics in a solid classical private school where he got good grades filling up the traditional age-determined buckets of knowledge.

But then his passion intensified to the point that traditional schooling could not keep up with him.

His parents decided it was time for him to take charge and do a deep-dive into this marketable talent. Watch the video to find out how he did it.

Zero regrets from this family to having chosen this educational strategy.

Some individuals thrive at pushing themselves to wonderful heights when placed in competitive environments and textbooks are just not emotionally challenging enough.

Maybe your child is one of those that would thrive best in such a learning environment. 

Do you know of other competitive types of learning teams or groups you can recommend in addition to First Robotics? Email me and let me know!


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