Let's get them MOTIVATED.

Find their deep inner motivation and passion by developing valuable talent that can take them well into adulthood.

There's nothing more frustrating than a 12-year-old unmotivated child.

You know he has so much more potential, but how do you tap into it?

Or maybe she's driven, but she needs to stay focused instead of wandering from one thing to the next.

We'll help you in either situation. Your ability to parent their passion is right under your roof. 

pillar I: IGNITE THE inner MOTIVATION & passion

We'll help you identify their interests using the assets in your environment and your family goals.

START HERE if you have a 12-14 year old.


They'll act out their talent in a way that gives value to others.

Watch their Self-Esteem SOAR while helping other people.


Talent-building involves decomposing broad ability into smaller skill sets and merging skills from other fields.

Watch their Portfolio GROW.


They will have full-blown marketable talent by the time they're 16, not 26.

Watch them enjoy High-Quality Friendships and NAIL their career path.

What Parents Say:

joshua sheats interviews jonathan harris about parenting passion

"It is the parent's responsibility to help their child develop the skills necessary to succeed in the modern age. There's little in mainstream education that shows teens to be happy, fulfilled and motivated. Jonathan's ideas of talent development will help these teens be lightyears ahead of where many of their peers are."

Listen to his interview.

Joshua Sheats

Radical Personal finance

Steve Stewart talks about parenting

Steve Stewart

podcast editor

Tricia Hodges from HodgePodgeMom reviews parent their passion

"We really appreciate the specifics Jonathan  shared for each child - and showing us how it can all be pulled together within our business... niching down, pivoting and using that leverage. 

We've already had some good conversations with the children. And we've started working on Graceanne's website again - getting a form put together to gather info for Instagram story covers. And yes, Graham was very much interested in finding out more about the polyglot world! Thank you for your ideas for tapping his passions."

Tricia Hodges

owner, hodge podge mom

Katie Kimball talks about Parenting with Passion

"My husband Kris talks about how amazing your son Nicholas and his skills are. I can tell you that Kris, as someone who contracts IT work out to Nicholas, is a believer in your family! Your philosophy gets results!!!

It's awesome and actionable."

Katie Kimball