Find & develop your child's inner motivation and passion.

Do this by developing lifelong skills and talent that brings real value to others.

Once your child's passion is triggered, they'll be fueled with excitement and energized to take control of their own future.

Visualize your child at age 18 with multiple opportunities because they have a portfolio filled with passion-filled hours spent on developing and showcasing true talent in at least one chosen field. 

We'll teach you how to use your child's academics, family environment, and developing skills to create talent that brings real value to others.

It begins with igniting a passion.  We will show you how you can do that.

Fill Out an Interests Worksheet to Start Something Early That Makes Sense for Your Child... and Your Family. 

It's time for your child to develop interests and skills that won't break the family's time and budget.

Download our Interest Worksheet and get start building something valuable for the future! 

How to find your child's passion and develop deep motivation

We've outlined 5 unique pillars below.

A child 12-14 often needs one-on-one guidance. Start with pillar #1

By following our pillars, your child can:

  • be years ahead and loaded with motivation (with even one idea from each pillar!)
  • have a clear idea of what the next five years will look like by age 18
  • naturally surround himself with mentors and cheerleaders
  • be challenged, stretched, valued
  • bypass those troubling years

How do you find your child's interests? Start below!


We'll help you identify your child's interests using your family's environment and goals. You'll be surprised at what gold you have right under your own roof.


We'll teach you how to have your child act out their talent in a way that gives value to others.

Watch their Self-Esteem SOAR while helping other people.


Talent-building involves decomposing broad ability into smaller skill sets and merging skills from other fields. Your child won't be spending time on meaningless activities like many of his peers.

Watch their Portfolio GROW.


They will have full-blown marketable talent by the time they're 16, not 26.

Watch them enjoy High-Quality Friendships and NAIL their career path.


Learn how to make your child's curriculum or online school feed their talent rather be enslaved by it.

Education becomes relevant!

Our Story

We're Jonathan and Renee Harris.

Our background began as most couples do when they marry in the 90's: man meets woman, both have degrees, both have debt.

Man is unfulfilled in his career and woman wonders if her degree is even useful since she plans to stay home with the kids. 

We both enjoyed college and we stuck with where our degrees brought us, at first. Jonathan entered the tech field while Renee taught middle school and adult night school for a couple of years.

Fourteen years and seven babies later, we started to think outside the box. We re-thought how we home educated our children. We thought about their future and how we wanted them to enter it pursuing something they loved. We even changed our own trajectory and began our own business selling handcrafted skin care online.

His time freed up from tech work, Jonathan began to earnestly look for ways to make the standard educational time more productive and worthwhile. His fear was that we were going to spend so much time perfecting educational details and still wind up getting to where we really didn’t want to be.

He wanted to be able to give our children an inspiration to develop a focus and a drive to cultivate something that they would eventually be very, very good at, and maybe even something that they could use to provide for themselves with a generous living.

He started experimenting by dovetailing his standard study times as a means to push our children into a deeper understanding around one chosen topic of their interest. 

Other ideas became equally as successful. All the while, motivation in our children took off. Each new pre-teen gave him more opportunities to test and tweak his ideas.

Because of these home-grown experimentations in education, he discovered some great techniques and ideas along the way that we want to share with other parents, homeschooling or not. 

We now have four of our nine children grown and out of the house, each pursuing their own paths.

Fully self-sufficient. And they're passionate about it.

Now it's time to meet the fruit of our labors:

How We Worked The Parent Their Passion Method with our Children:

building talent as a drone photographer at an early age

Jonathan Harris Jr

The Drone Operator

Jonathan Jr (age 22) had his eye behind a camera and his hands on a guitar at around the age of 14.  

He combined both passions to create videos.  

At 16, he bought his first drone, became talented at video editing, and by the time he graduated, was running his own business doing drone videography for realtors. He's now contracted by utility and cell companies to film power and cell lines.

He's been all across the United States with his business.

caleb harris forging a knife

Caleb Harris

The Machinest

Caleb (age 21) collected stones and agates as a child.

Studying gems and fine stones for jewelry opened the doors to apprentice with a couple of jewelry makers.

From there, he turned his passion for knife-making to create a forge in our garage. He built an Instagram following of over 13,000 people,  showcased his talent, and sold his handcrafted knives.

A knife company found him and hired him, and then he moved on to a successful machine company.

nicholas harris motorcyclist and coder

Nicholas Harris

The Tech Support Guy

Nicholas (age 19) is currently in demand as a computer coder, working both for a company that "fixes blogs" and for prestigious bloggers who need his technical help with all things related to the back end of websites.

His boss told us:  "After working with Nicholas for over 2 years, his coding and technical troubleshooting abilities are right up there with some of the best people I've come across in my career, many of them having decades more experience."

Motorcycles are his side passion.

Noelle cartoon profile

Noelle Harris

The Artist

Noelle (age 19) was passionate about drawing at a very young age. She started an Instagram account as a teenager, showcasing her talent.

We "hijacked" her curriculum to make it serve her artistic skills and passion, with great  success.

She's often commissioned by bloggers and podcasters to create digital images that reflect the company and the products they deliver.

Check out her website:

Why is Talent Development Important?

Jonathan and Renee discuss the need to start with an interest, get past the frustration of having the initial novelty of the interest wear off (to the point where they might get bored with it), and then watch their motivation and passion come to life when they find that what they're doing is exciting and brings value to other people. Don't give up too soon! True talent is a process.

Those who have watched the method in action, say this about it:

joshua sheats interviews jonathan harris about parenting passion

"It is the parent's responsibility to help their child develop the skills necessary to succeed in the modern age. There's little in mainstream education that shows teens to be happy, fulfilled and motivated.


Jonathan's ideas of talent development will help these teens be lightyears ahead of where many of their peers are."

Listen to his interview.

Joshua Sheats

Radical Personal finance

Tricia Hodges from HodgePodgeMom reviews parent their passion

"We really appreciate the specifics Jonathan  shared for each child - and showing us how it can all be pulled together within our business... 

We've started working on Graceanne's website again - getting a form put together to gather info for Instagram story covers. Graham was very much interested in finding out more about the polyglot world! Thank you for your ideas for tapping his passions."

Tricia Hodges

owner, hodge podge mom

Katie Kimball talks about Parenting with Passion

"My husband Kris talks about how amazing your son Nicholas and his skills are.

I can tell you that Kris, as someone who contracts IT work out to Nicholas, is a believer in your family! Your philosophy gets results!!!

It's awesome and actionable."

(Read Kris' comment above, under Nicholas.)

Katie Kimball