Rocky Lalvani’s Daughter Hijacks her Curriculum to Create a Strong Portfolio

I’m back with another enlightening interview.

Listen to this father share with me how his teenage daughter hi-jacked her schooling to create a strong portfolio for a college communications and English degree.

This family’s answer to fanning extreme passion in their daughter was through having her handle the fundraising, communications, and marketing of the youth robotics team competitions that her brother was actively a part of. It also involved picking and choosing courses from an eclectic range of excellent sources that fit her long-term goals.

This daughter originally started off her teenage academics in a solid classical private school where she consistently got 4.0 level grades in all her classes. Her parents were grateful for the excellent schooling she received in her junior high and elementary school years.

But then around 15 years of age, her passion started to significantly drop. Dad himself noticed she was clearly losing her previous passion for schooling despite continuing to be an outstanding student.

It was to the point that the private traditional schooling was dragging her spirits down on a daily basis. Her otherwise excellent school  could no longer challenge her mind in that deep way that she needed through the use of regular textbooks. 

The daughter maintained high grades, yes, but her spirits sagged…until her parents agreed she could break away from the standard educational path. Her father pulled her out of her school and allowed her to personally research and customize her high school education using online courses, various in-person courses, and allowed her to participate in adult level conferences and training retreats. 

Set free to pursue her strengths to her maximum potential, her level of passion then came back almost immediately!

Her parents agreed with their daughter that it was time for her to take charge and do a deep-dive into this communication based (written and verbal) talent that she had been faithfully developing. 

Watch the video to find out how she successfully pivoted her education during her high school years..

Zero regrets from this family for having switched to this educational strategy even though she was already doing more than well in the traditional private school environment that her parents were paying good money for.

Some individuals thrive at pushing themselves to wonderful heights when placed in pioneering and adult-sized social environments. Textbooks may just not be the kind of trigger best suited to generate that deep motivation and passion for your daughter.

Maybe your child is like this daughter and needs a real challenge to rise to her best. Do you suspect your teenage child is like the one in this interview? If so, email me and tell me what you see in her that makes you think it is time for her to break away from the pack.


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