Don’t Bury Your Child’s Talents e-book

Many parents are legitimately worried about their children not being able to launch into the world after finishing their high school years.

They can easily get caught up in a never-ending treadmill of formal schooling that doesn’t get them anywhere meaningful.

Others want to get off the educational treadmill, but become shell-shocked at how unprepared they are for the needs of the working world. At the root of this problem is a disconnect between the work in their daily life and the need to multiply their talents, as outlined in Matthew 25.

In this book, you will be able to teach your children that their talents really do matter and that investing and multiplying what they already have offers spiritual importance and will lead them to feelings of lasting satisfaction.

I will show you how to bridge the Biblical principle into immediate, actionable steps that you can use with your son or daughter to start a life habit of looking at life as a series of opportunities to maximize what God has given to us

To anchor you on a concrete version of a life lived full of talents, I will focus on two passages in the Bible: the first passage we will look at is the one known as the Parable of the Talents.

This one is from Jesus directly and gives us the big principles and bold sweeping directives about talents. Jesus provides an exhilarating principle on how to live abundantly, with an accompanying converse threat to those who don’t accept this message.

The second passage we will look at is the one about Bezalel and the artists who built the Tabernacle according to the specifications given by God to Moses.

This story of Bezalel’s work is recorded in the book of Exodus.

That Old Testament recording is an applied example of Jesus’ larger principle and is intriguing in many ways. You will see how much boldness that even artists, typically viewed as the more elusive of the useful talents, can have in the outworking of that principle in the Parable of the Talents.

After we ground ourselves on those Biblical principles, I will then direct you to download a worksheet to see how you can get your child started immediately into a habit of developing talents with what they already have.

I hope you are sensing the same excitement as I am. This is a wonderful life we have been given, full of potential and meaningful adventure, and God gives us the approval to see it that way.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.


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